Utilizing Ghana’s natural resources by offering an artistic and cultural reference point for students who want to study Jewellery design. 

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Welcome to the Jewellery Design Department

We are honored to have you become part of our community here at the Jewellery Design Technology Department and we welcome you to join us on our mission towards the achievement of ACDT’s vision. Learn essential core skills in jewellery making, to build confidence and know-how. A carefully structured series of projects will introduce you to a range of materials, techniques and processes.

Departmental Code: BJD Start Date: September, 2020 Delivery: Full-time
Ghanaian freshman: ¢5,299.00 International fee: $ 1,800.00

About the programme

The Jewellery Design Technology Department offers an artistic and cultural reference point for students who want to study Jewellery Design. A range of basic jewellery-making techniques are taught, among them sawing, filing, soldering, bending, forging, and polishing. Jewellery students learn to drill, file, weld and shape materials, before polishing and setting precious and semi-precious stones in the finished product.

At ACDT, students are encouraged to develop their own style using metal as well as alternative materials and jewels to create rings, earrings, bracelets and more. From design to production, students at ACDT learn every step in the jewellery-making process, both in the classroom and in the workshop.

In order to become a jewellery designer, prospective students can pursue a BA Jewellery Design Technology programme. Apart from the degree course, one can pursue diploma or certificate courses in Jewellery Design.

Aim of the programme

The Jewellery Design Technology programme is designed to contribute to the transformation of the Ghanaian raw material export economy into a manufacturing economy that will export quality finished products for increased foreign exchange. Most importantly, this course is instituted to pave the way for a more profitable use of Ghana’s raw and hopefully, refined gold, through skills and research development in the art of precious jewellery design and fabrication/manufacture.

We therefore seek to:

a. Use this programme to initiate the development of a gold market in Ghana

b. Give the youth an opportunity to give vent to their creative ideas through jewellery design and manufacture as a profession.

c. Develop a group of competent, professional jewellery designers to satisfy the growing needs of Ghana’s citizens as the country moves to the upper echelons of a middle-income country.

d. Serve as a conduit for those who have established careers in other disciplines and who seek to change their professional direction.

e. Serve as a means for those who have been out of touch to enhance their skills by upgrading themselves to acquire current technological tools developed to aid the modern design, manufacturing or production environment.

Course Catalogue

Year One (Semester 1)

ACDT 111 Introduction to Jewellery Design
BJD 112 Workshop Practice Basics
BJD 113 Foundations in Technical Drawing
BJD 114 Basic Drawing
ACDT 115 Introduction to African Art & Culture
ACDT 116 Communication and Study Skills I

Year Two (Semester 4)

BJD 241 Concept Design and Modelling
BJD 242 Fabrication and Finishing Techniques
BJD 243 Jewellery Casting Methods
BJD 244 Jewellery Surface Coating Methods
BJD 245 Advanced Metallurgy
BJD 246 Advanced Computer Application
BJD 247 Developing a New Venture

Year Four (Semester 7)

BJD 471 Host Entity Evaluation Report
BJD 472 Industrial Activity Report

Year One (Semester 2)

BJD 121 Experimental Jewellery Practices
BJD 122 Safety Workshop Practices
BJD 123 Orthographic and Isometric Projections
BJD 124 Introduction to Computer Aided Design
ACDT 125 Communication and Study Skills II

Year Three (Semester 5)

BJD 351 Advanced Design and Modelling Techniques
BJD 352 Fabrication and Finishing Practices
BJD 353 Introduction to Gemmology
BJD 354 Introduction to Gem Setting
BJD 355 Seminar Presentations
ACDT 356 Business Management and Sustenance
ACDT 357 Operations Management

Year Two (Semester 3)

BJD 231 Introduction to Design and Modelling
BJD 232 Fabrication and Finishing Basics
BJD 233 Alloy Calculation, Measuring and Marking
BJD 234 Introduction to Metallurgy
BJD 235 Assaying, Refining and Hallmarking
BJD 236 3D Modelling in Computing
ACDT 237 Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Year Three (Semester 6)

BJD 361 Practical Design and Modelling Processes
BJD 362 Fabrication and Model Making
BJD 363 Jewellery Production
BJD 364 Advanced Gemmology
BJD 365 General Gem Setting Techniques
ACDT 366 Ethical and Legal Issues in Jewellery
ACDT 367 Research Methods

Year Two (Semester 4)

BJD 481 Post Industrial Attachment Seminars
BJD 482 Studio Research in Jewellery Design
BJD 483 Jewellery Exhibition and Portfolio
BJD 484 Project Management in Jewellery Design
BJD 485 Project Work
BJD 486 Accounting and Finance for Entrepreneurs

Our Student Portfolio

Meet the Jewellery Design Instructors

John Marmon-Halm

John Marmon-Halm

Head of Department

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Dr. Mohammed Baidoo

Dr. Mohammed Baidoo


Andrew Richard  O. Addo

Andrew Richard O. Addo


Selete K. D. Ofori

Selete K. D. Ofori


Your Application

Apply for this programme via the admission link on our website which is free of charge. You'll need to upload relevant documents as part of your application. Please read the "How to Apply" page before you apply to find out about what you will need.

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