1. A Senior member shall conform to such rules and regulations as have been or shall be given and adopted by the Academic Board and approved by Council or the Faculty Board as the case may be, as to his/her duties, the number of courses and lectures to be delivered and the time at which such courses shall begin and over which period they shall extend.
  2. A Senior Member shall give to the work of the Department to which he/she is attached and to its extension and development as well as to the general interests of the College such time and labour as shall be considered sufficient by the President or the Head of Department.
  3. A Senior Member shall not undertake or continue other work or occupation of any kind which may in the opinion of the President or the Head of Department interfere with the proper performance of his/her duties or is detrimental to the interest of the College.
  4. The emoluments on which any Senior Member is appointed include the remuneration and payments for all service and duties performed or rendered within or on behalf of the College by him/her. However, any additional remuneration may be determined and approved by Council from time to time.
  5. A Senior Member wishing to have his/her appointment renewed shall notify the Registrar in writing at least six months before the expiration of his/her contract.
  6. Private work and consultancy services may be undertaken provided that prior approval has been obtained and preferably the programmes are integrated into the research and teaching programmes of the various faculties and regulated and controlled to ensure that there is no conflict between the private interests of a Senior Member and his/her official duties.
  7. Where abuse of this facility is proved, appropriate disciplinary action including possible withdrawal of the facility shall be taken by the President.
  8. When the services referred to in clause (6) above are undertaken by individuals or groups, the College shall determine and levy a percentage of the total earnings with the approval of Council.
  1. Except as may otherwise be provided by Council, a Senior Member may resign his/her appointment and thereby terminate his/her engagement with the College on giving notice in writing under his/her signature to the President, at least six calendar months prior to the effective date of his/her resignation.
  2. Except as may otherwise be provided in special cases by Council, a Senior Member appointed to a full-time position in the College on a renewable contact or till retirement, shall retire from his/her appointment and all other offices held by him/her in the College by virtue of his/her appointment at the end of the academic year following the date on which he/she attains the retiring age as specified by the College.
  3. Council may terminate the appointment of any Senior Member of the College by giving six months’ notice of termination of appointment. The person shall have the right to appeal within one month of notice. In lieu of this, the Senior member shall forfeit six (6) months’ salary.
  4. Where a person appeals against a notice of termination of his/her appointment, Council shall consider the appeal at least two months before the date on which the termination is due to take effect, and Council’s decision shall be final.