CONVOCATION - Statute 11
  1. There shall be Convocation of the College.
  2. A register containing the names of all persons who are members of Convocation. shall be kept by the Registrar of the College who shall give prescriptive evidence that a person whose name appears in it is a member of Convocation, and is entitled to vote at Convocation.
  3. Convocation shall meet in regular sessions at least once a semester and at such times as the Moderator shall determine. At the meeting of the Second Semester, Convocation shall receive a report from the President on the state of the College and plans for its future.
  4. Upon a request in writing of not less than twenty members of convocation stating the purpose for which the meeting is to be called, the Moderator shall, within seven days, summon an extraordinary meeting of Convocation, and the notice summoning the meeting shall specify the business to be considered.
  5. Copies of the President’s report to Convocation shall be deposited in the College Library, in the offices of Deans, school Directors, and in the Office of the Registrar for reference.
  6. Convocation shall:
  • Appoint scrutinizers for any statutory election.
  • Express its opinion on any matters affecting the College and petition the Council and/or the Academic Board to reconsider any matter that in its opinion affects the welfare of the College.
  • Receive an Annual Report from the President on the state of the College in writing.
  • Decisions of Convocation shall be arrived at normally by consensus. Where it becomes necessary for Convocation to vote on any issue, voting shall be by secret ballot.