ADMISSIONS 2019/2020

It is announced for the information of prospective Applicants and the general public that applications are open for admissions to Study at the University for the 2019/2020 Academic Year.

AsanSka College of Design and Technology is a tertiary institution pioneering innovative and progressive programmes in higher education using state of the art facilities, employment ready, recession proof educational programmes and innovative teaching and learning models in a student-centered learning environment to empower learners towards self-reliance. These are achieved through proper governance of the College and the alignment of all officers (executive or non-executive) of the College to the vision and mission of the institution.

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Our Programmes

Our pedagogical mission is to prepare our students for professional excellence in design and entrepreneurship. Our broader ethos is to foster creativity, innovation, inspire leadership, use of technology and educate students to commit to sustainability.


A four (4) year degree program aimed at equipping students with fundamental knowledge, philosophies and resources requisite for intellectual inquiry into Jewellery design.


A two (2) year program aimed at training students and practicing jewellers to become professionals in the Jewellery Industry.


A four (4) year degree program which seeks to expose students to the practice of Product Design as well as the design process and methods.


A two (2) year program aimed at exposing and equipping students with requisite skills in the design and fabrication of products to solve problems in society.

News & Events

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ACDT Inauguration and Sod Cutting

AsanSka College of Design and Technology (ACDT), a new private tertiary institution in Accra, Ghana was inaugurated on Friday 7th, April 2017 to an impressive fanfare.